ESC opportunity in Slovenia – ZMŠ Krško

Social integration of migrant children and young adults

Slovenia has long been the destination of many Balkan immigrants and our town Krško is no different. As youth workers we see many youngsters struggle with the language, culture, and everyday interactions with their peers and the local community. The project offers these youngsters an opportunity to fully grasp and better understand the new environment.

We are looking for two participants, one from Kosovo or Albania and one from any EU country.

We would love to host an open-minded and communicative person, who likes to work with children and young people and has an interest in urban culture, multimedia, music, and DIY projects, and has their own ideas, that they would like to develop.

It is necessary for the volunteer to be empathic and that they understand the concepts of solidarity and volunteering.

For anyone wishing to join us as an ESC volunteer, we will firstly require a CV and a motivation letter. We encourage candidates to be creative with their applications, to include anything that might reveal their individuality, their likes, dislikes and potential skill sets. These can be sent to us at

Also, we require candidates to fill this short application form.

You can read more about the project in the infopack below:

ESC in Slovenia- info pack 2023

ESC opportunity ZMŠ Krško
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